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The following book list is provided as an aide to those planning to take one of our courses. Hopefully, it will prove useful to others as well. While not required, per se, for our classes you will need to purchase a book or two for use in studying Access after your class and as a reference.

We are an affiliate and you may purchase your books through this site. Borders Books and Barnes and Noble also carry Microsoft Access books. We have marked especially recommended books with an *; top choices with **. Our recommendations are based on value for money.

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The material covered in our Introductory Microsoft Access courses can be found in the following inexpensive books. They are not required for class but you may want to place on order for use after your class.


Frye, Curtis (2001)
* Microsoft Access 2002 Plain and Simple. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press. ISBN 0-7356-1454-7. [ a simple, visual type book. Good for beginners. We chose this book because it has the broadest topic coverage of the "visual" type books we looked at.]

Frye, Curtis (2007)
* Microsoft Access 2007 Plain and Simple. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press. ISBN 0-7356-2292-2. [ updated for 2007 and still an excellent choice.]


In addition we recommend that each organization or group have a copy of the following available for their use. It is an excellent intermediate level reference.

Prague, Cary N., Michael R. Irwin and Jennifer Reardon (2004) ** Access 2003 Bible. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing. ISBN 0-7645-3986-8. [ the, well, bible for Microsoft Access. Very thorough reference at the intermediate level. Good for both users and developers. If you are going to be using Access extensively you should have this book. Groups taking our classes should own a copy of this book or its equivalent. ] Buy this book at

The following are some additional Microsoft Access books we have used.

Balter, Alison (1999) * Mastering Microsoft Access 2000 Development. Indianapolis, IN: Sams Publishing. ISBN 0-672-31484-3. [ oriented to developers as opposed to users. Good technical reference with lots of short code examples. By a well known Access and FoxPro trainer. ] Buy this book at


Duffy, Tim (2000) Microsoft Access 2000. Microsoft Certified Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall. ISBN 0-201-45916-7. [ Strongly oriented to beginning Microsoft Office users. Former text for this course. One of the better "visual" type books on Access. Text and exercises follow Microsoft Official Curriculum for Proficient level of MOUS exam. ]


Hahn, Pamela Rice, and Keith Giddeon. (1999) How to use Microsoft Access 2000. Indianapolis, IN: Sams Publishing. ISBN 0-672-31589-0. [ simple and straightforward "visual" type book on MS Access. ]


McFedries, Paul (2005) Microsoft Access 2003 Forms, Reports and Queries. Indianapolis, IN: Que Publishing. ISBN 0-7897-3152-5. [Fairly typical Access book, but focused strictly on Forms, Reports and Queries as the title states. Although reasonably well written it does not really go into advanced detail. You may want to buy this book to accompany our AIN104 (Introduction to Access Reports and Forms) classes. ] Buy this book at


Wempen, Faith (1999) * Teach Yourself Microsoft Access 2000 in 10 Minutes. Indianapolis, IN: Sams Publishing. ISBN 0-672-31487-8. [ very good value for the money. An inexpensive, and brief, but well done little introduction to Access. We often recommend this book to students in our classes. ] Buy this book at

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