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Microsoft Access (Curriculum Suggestions...)
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Application Training Passport

Application Training Passport
Multiple days of training at a large discount from list. Good for six months. Costs less than three days of most classes at list price.

Multiple days


Introduction to Microsoft Access
[Discount package that combines AIN100A and AIN100B.]
Introductory course covering databases, tables, the datasheet, sorting and manipulating tables, import/export, queries, reports, and forms.

2 days


Microsoft Access Level I
Introductory course covering databases, tables, the datasheet, relationships, filters, queries, basic reports and forms. (Day 1 of AIN100 sequence)

1 day


Microsoft Access Level II
Introductory course covering reports, subreports, forms, subforms, advanced queries, and import/export. (Day 2 of AIN100 sequence).

1 day


Microsoft Access Level III
Students will create complex Access databases by structuring existing data, developing advanced forms, working with macros, and performing database maintenance.

1 day


Accelerated Introduction to Microsoft Access
Discount package ideal for group and private training. Faster paced, proprietary course covering databases, tables, import/export, queries, action queries, reports, forms, macros and navigation.

1 and 1/2 days


Accelerated Introduction to Microsoft Access Day 1
Discount package ideal for group and private training. Same as first day of above AIA101 course. Covers databases, tables, import/export, queries, reports and forms. Does not include action queries, macros or navigation.

1 day


Microsoft Access Focus on Queries
Unique, full day course. Intensive hand-on practice with queries. All forms of queries including Action Queries.

1 day

Database Design Course Relational Database Design - A Practical Approach
Covers the general principles involved in designing a database that complies with the relational database model. The conceptual content of this course is not specific to any software application but Microsoft Access will be used to perform the tasks in the lessons pertaining to queries. Visio or an equivalent modeling tool may be used for diagramming exercises as well as Access itself. Cross-listed with Database curriculum.

1 day


Beginning Access VBA
Beginning Access VBA programming course. Covers VBA language, variables, subs, functions, etc.

1 day


Intermediate Access VBA
Intermediate Access VBA programming course focused on ADO and DAO for data manipulation.

1/2 day

Microsoft Access VBA Course

Programming Access using VBA
Automating Access with VBA programming programming objects. Includes ActiveX, ADO, automating Excel, debugging, etc.

1 day


Introduction to Microsoft Access SQL
Slightly shorter version of SQL200 SQL course specifically for MS Access users. Hands-on class focusing on SQL data retrieval. (Advanced version of AIN102. Cross listed with SQL curriculum).

1 day

Custom Class
Do your Microsoft Access training needs differ from the standard courses above? Would you like to mix-and-match material? Let us custom develop a class for you.

free quote

Microsoft Access Private 1-on-1 Training
One-on-one Private Training or Tutoring by the hour. Can be taken at your office or ours in San Juan Capistrano. Take a standard offering or sign up for a custom class. 2 hour minimum. Only $45 per hour.

free quote

  What's new at Orange Coast Database Associates

Microsoft Access Workshops
From time to time we run short workshops on topics of interest to Microsoft Access users. These are normally 2 hours in length taught at a convenient time such as over the lunch break. See our Corkboard for the current workshops offered. Some are offered free to the public. To inquire or register click the inquire link to the right.


Discount Programs
We have programs to help you save: training passports for individuals and substantial discounts for groups. Both feature steep discounts.

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Special Offers
Special offers are made available from time to time: 1/2 off on classes, rebates, special discounts, free seminars, etc. Check back to see what's new.

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Microsoft Access courses are offered in three formats: 1) on-site at your location or our studio in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California), 2) Private one-one-training as arranged, and 3) scheduled classes in San Juan Capistrano (most offered every week or two). See calendar...

Calendar of Scheduled Classes in San Juan Capistrano


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Curious to know what versions of Microsoft Access most people are using? Click view results. Submit your own vote, too. Click view results then comments to add a description of the application you are working on or planning. We are doing a similar poll with Microsoft Office.

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