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SQL200: Introduction to Standard SQL

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Below are several free SQL tutorial sites. Some have the capability for you to enter and execute SQL queries on-line. We encourage students to try one of these before or after class. You can post follow-up questions to the web board below.


SQL Tutorials on - Our own brief tutorial SQL scripts to accompany our SQL courses. Have a look at these to see exactly what your class may cover.


SQLCourse: Interactive Online SQL Training for beginners


W3Schools SQL Tutorial: Excellent on-line SQL course.


SQL Zoo: Another live SQL tutorial. Has a quick reference right up front.


Hoffman's WWW Introduction to SQL Tutorial: Good, comprehensive tutorial. Does not use live SQL execution or require a download.


Ocelot SQL Tutorial: Ocelot SQL Tutorial. You might find some interesting stuff here like setting up ODBC etc. But it requires a download.


Head First SQL Sticky Notes - Magnets? I never heard of them, either. But here is a link to a really unusual learning tool - virtual "sticky magnets" from Head First Books. You rearrange them to create an SQL statement.


Other Web Sites & Blogs

OCDatabases - Our SQL blog on blogger. Updated regularly with scripts for SQL courses under development.



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Orange Coast Databases Activeboard: Orange Coast Databases Class follow up questions and answers, tips, etc.



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