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Articles on

Microsoft Access Articles - Articles we have written related to Microsoft Access. Includes form and relationship design articles.

Microsoft Access Object Naming Conventions - The famous LNC conventions for naming objects in an Access database.



OCDatabases - Our new blog on Google eBlogger. Primarily oriented towards SQL.



CBT: Many of our courses come with Computer Based training (CBT) CD's. We also have them installed on our computers.

CertBlaster: Although our classes are not focused on certification we do have CertBlaster Test Prep software on many course CD's. It is also installed on our computers.


Course Manuals

Axzo Press (ILT): Most of our application courses use the manuals and CD's from this leading courseware vendor. You can visit their site and purchase additional manuals, reference cards, self study guides, etc.

Element K: We also use material from this vendor for some courses. They are probably the largest courseware vendor in the industry.

Orange Coast Database Associates: Most of our Access, SQL and Database courses use our own proprietary material. Most of our manuals can be found on Slideshare.



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Microsoft Access Sample Databases - For the most part these are simple starter databases for use in some of our classes. Most include only tables.

Microsoft Access PowerPoint Slides - For the most part these are PDF's of the PowerPoint slides of the first module of our courses. You can request additional modules.

SQL Scripts - For the most part these are simple starter SQL scripts to create databases related to our classes. There will be additional SQL scripts that illustrate other operations such as joins, filtering, calculations, grouping, aggregates, etc.

SQL Scripts on - SQL Scripts used in our courses. Many of the these are available via the above link as well.



Glossary 1: A-D Glossary of database terms

Glossary 2: E-M Glossary of database terms

Glossary 3: N-Z Glossary of database terms


Practice Tests on

On-line Tests - Description of on-line tests

Accelerated MS Access Practice Test - Accelerated Introduction to MS Access quiz on

Microsoft Access Practice Test - Introduction to Microsoft Access quiz on

MySQL Quiz - MySQL Programming quiz

SQL Quiz - ANSI SQL Programming quiz

Windows Beginner Quiz - Windows beginner quiz


Tutorials on

Microsoft SQL Server - Tutorial SQL scripts to accompany the SQL202 Introduction to SQL Using Microsoft SQL Server course.

Oracle SQL - Tutorial SQL scripts to accompany the SQL212 Introduction to SQL Using Oracle course.



WWW Bulletin Board -  Announcements, What's New, Questions, Etc. (Temporarily disabled)

Orange Coast Database Associates Forums - Forums for each course topic. Additional forums for database books, SQL scripts, etc.[to be activated shortly]



D. H. D'Urso and Associates MS Access Training

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