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Our SQL curriculum is custom designed to assist working professionals in getting up to speed on SQL. It is assumed students are looking to acquire skills readily applied in the workplace.

Courses are not geared towards certification tests, although they do provide a good background for many topics. They are also excellent "starter" courses as preparation for a series of certification classes from traditional certification training companies.

We have found many of our clients are geared towards querying and data analytics, not updating data. Our curriculum includes shorter "read-only" courses.


Students should have some background with query systems, such as Microsoft Access. Our AIN102 would provide an excellent background.

If you or members of your group do not have this background check with us for recommendations.


Students can purchase a combo passport which enables them to take multiple days of Access, SQL and database training at a large discount.

Entry Points

Most clients should start with SQL202, SQL212 OR SQL201W. If you already know SQL you may want to just take SQL302. Most classes cover roughly the same material but give you a choice of environments: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL. We even have a class, SQL200A. oriented towards MS Access users.

Database Design

Those expecting to design their own database for departmental or company use should consider taking a Database Design course first. The rest of your application will then be much easier to build.

On the other hand, if you will be working exclusively with small personal databases, or an existing database you can probably pick up what you need to know from our regular courses and some reading along the way.

SQL Classroom

SQL Course Suggestions

1) SQL200 - Basic introduction to the standard SQL programming language. Take this for a complete introduction to querying and updating data. SQL202 is taught in a SQL Server environment; SQL212 in an Oracle environment and SQL201W in MySQL. (All are 1 and 1/2 days.)

2) SQL202S/SQL212S - Shorter, read-only versions of above. Save yourself a little time if your focus is strictly retrieving data. (1 day)

2) SQL302 and 302S - Intermediate SQL  (1 and 1/2 days). 302S is the shorter, 1 day, read-only version. Currently taught on SQL Server only, Oracle by custom order. Take this class to learn how to use some of the newer SQL functions such as table expressions and window functions not often taught elsewhere.

4) SQL204 - Introduction to Transact SQL programming extensions. Take this if interested in Microsoft SQL Server extensions to standard SQL. (1/2 day)

5) SQL214 - Introduction to Oracle SQL (PL/SQL) programming extensions. (1/2 day)

SQL Courses for Programmers

Currently, most of our SQL courses are geared more towards power users and analysts rather than programmers. The exceptions are SQL204 and SQL214 which introduce much more advanced material (triggers, cursors, etc.)

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