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AIN103: Microsoft Access Training Part 3

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Tuition: $165.00 per student

Length: 1 day

Synopsis: This course covers advanced form techniques, sharing data, working with macros and VBA, performing database maintenance and switchboards. Classroom activities can be tailored for private classes. Microsoft Access knowledge equivalent to AIN100 is assumed.

Formats: Custom scheduled corporate groups (min. 2 students) at your facility or via Remote Learning. Single individuals may arrange a private online session.

Scheduling: Flexible to suit your requirements. Both onsite and online classes are custom scheduled.

Group Discounts: 2-4 students 20%, 5-8 30%, >8 quote


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Session 1Application Enhancements4.0 Hours
  • Advanced Form Techniques
    • Add Controls to Forms
    • Enhance Navigation and Organization of Forms
    • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Sharing Data
    • Import Data into Access
    • Export Access Data
    • Link Tables to External Data Sources
    • Create a Mail Merge
  • Macros
    • Create a Macro
    • Restrict Records Using a Condition
    • Validate Data Using a Macro
    • Automate Data Entry Using a Macro
  • Using VBA
    • Getting Started with VBA
    • Enhance Access by Using VBA
Session 2Deployment Considerations2.0 Hours
  • Advanced Database Management
    • Manage a Database
    • Determine Object Dependency
    • Document a Database
  • Distributing and securing a database
    • Split a database for multiple user access
    • Implement security
    • Convert a database to an ACCDE
    • Package a database with a digital signature
  • Switchboards
    • Create a switchboard
    • Modify a switchboard
    • Set startup options

Materials: Students will receive a comprehensive manual, a training certificate, and access to the Logical Operations course website after class.


Location: Classes are normally taught on-site at your facilities or via online Remote Learning. We may also be able to host the class in a rented university classroom near you. Please see FAQs if interested.

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