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Our Microsoft Access curriculum has two tracks: proprietary and national standard. Our proprietary courses are custom designed to assist end-users in quickly getting up to speed on Access. It is assumed students are looking to acquire skills readily applied in the workplace. We offer both accelerated and focus courses to support these students. Often these classes are customized for corporate groups and private training sessions.

In addition, we offer the standard courses available through the leading courseware providers such as SkilSoft and Axzo Press. These courses provide a an excellent foundation in Microsoft Access. In conjunction with the lab materials these courses can also help students prepare for Microsoft certification.


All courses require some background in using Microsoft Office. Students should also be comfortable navigating the Windows interface. This is due to the fast pace and intensive hands-on nature of the courses.

If you or members of your group do not have this background check with us for recommendations.

Entry Points

AIA101 - For our proprietary track The basic starting course is AIA101. Often this is all you will need.

AIN100A - This is the entry point for our standardized courses.  This course also serves as an excellent introduction to Access, especially if followed by AIN100B.

Database Design - Those expecting to design their own database for departmental or company use should consider taking the DBD201 Database Design course first. The other objects in your database such as the forms and reports will then be much easier to build.

On the other hand, if you will be working exclusively with small personal databases, or an existing database you can probably pick up what you need to know from our regular courses and some reading along the way.

Suggested Curricula

Here are some suggested course sequences:

1) AIN100A/AIN100B - Introductory sequence based on the standardized curriculum. These two courses can be purchased as the AIN100 discount package if desired.

2) AIA101 - Our basic proprietary course which covers all of Microsoft Access in an accelerated format.

3) DBD201/AIA101/AIN104 - If you will be building a database application for departmental or company use and you need in-depth coverage, possibly in a custom tailored environment.

4) AIA101/AIN102 - If you will be doing extensive querying of existing databases. Possibly using Access as a "front-end" to an enterprise database such as Oracle or SQL Server.

5) AIN100A/AIN100B/AIN103/AIN104K - This is the standard 4 day certification track. We have an inexpensive training passport which may be applied to this sequence.

Courses for Programmers

Currently most of our Access courses are geared towards end users. VBA is an exception, being better suited to those familiar with programming concepts (variables, etc.).

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