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SQL200A: MS Access SQL and Query Design

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Below are several free SQL tutorial sites. Some have the capability for you to enter and execute SQL queries on-line. Most are not specific to MS Access. However, MS Access SQL is very similar to standard SQL. We encourage students to try one of these before or after class. You can post follow-up questions to the web board below.


SQLCourse: Interactive Online SQL Training for beginners


W3Schools SQL Tutorial: Excellent on-line SQL course.


SQL Zoo: Another live SQL tutorial. Has a quick reference right up front.


Hoffman's WWW Introduction to SQL Tutorial: Good, comprehensive tutorial. Does not use live SQL execution or require a download.


University of Bristol Introduction to Access SQL - Guide to learning SQL through Access. Covers using IIF and other items of interest to Microsoft Access users. On the other hand the tutorial refers to example databases.


Web Sites

Jet SQL - Reference to JET SQL at DevGuru.


Fundamental Microsoft JET SQL for Access 2000 - Microsoft Articles explaining the use of JET SQL in Access. There are three articles: beginning, intermediate and advanced.


Head First SQL Sticky Magnets - Magnets? I never heard of them, either. But here is a link to a really unusual learning tool - virtual "sticky magnets" from Head First Books. You rearrange them to create an SQL statement.

Have fun!


SQL Standards - JCC's SQL Standards page.


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Orange Coast Database Associates - New discussion board for learning SQL through Access

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