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ORA301: Introduction to Oracle

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Tuition: $270.00 per student

Length: 1 day

Synopsis: Introduction to features and functions of Oracle databases. Also covers SQL and PL/SQL. This course is designed for those who need a quick survey of the Oracle architecture and capabilities. Students taking this course should be familiar with relational databases and have some acquaintance with SQL. It would be a good complement to our Oracle SQL class which covers SQL in more depth. When taken in conjunction with an Oracle SQL class the price is only $125.

Formats: Lecture/demo with extensive hands-on practice. Available as a scheduled, public class only.

Scheduling: See calendar. Classes end at 3:00PM, an hour earlier than our standard time.

Group Discounts: 2-4 students 20%, 5-8 30%, >8 quote


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Session 1Oracle Fundamentals & SQL2.5 Hours
  • Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Oracle Database
    • Topic 1A: Overview of Basic Database Concepts
    • Topic 1B: Explore Oracle Database
  • Lesson 2: Overview of the Oracle Architecture
    • Topic 2A: Examine Memory Structures
    • Topic 2B: Examine Logical Storage Structures
    • Topic 2C: Examine Physical Storage Structures
    • Topic 2D: Examine Backup and Recovery Processes
  • Lesson 3: Using SQL Commands to Work with Tables
    • Topic 3A: Use Data Definition Language (DDL) Commands
    • Topic 3B: Use Data Manipulation Language (DML) Commands
    • Topic 3C: Use Transaction Control Language (TCL) Commands
Session 2Advanced SQL, PL/SQL & Administration2.5 Hours
  • Lesson 4: Creating Other Database Objects
    • Topic 4A: Create Indexes
    • Topic 4B: Apply Sequences
    • Topic 4C: Use Views
    • Topic 4D: Use Synonyms
  • Lesson 5: Using PL/SQL Commands to Manipulate Data
    • Topic 5A: Use PL/SQL Blocks
    • Topic 5B: Work with Packages
    • Topic 5C: Create Triggers
    • Topic 5D: Use Object Relational Databases
  • Lesson 6: Administering a Database
    • Topic 6A: Create a Database
    • Topic 6B: Manage Database Memory
    • Topic 6C: Manage Database Processes
    • Topic 6D: Work with Tablespaces
    • Topic 6E: Managing Users and Permissions

Materials: Course workbook and training certificate.


Location: San Juan Capistrano training studio.

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